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(Tinman Recording)

1. Swampgrass
2. Down By The River
3. Look Over Me Lord
4. I'd Rather Be Alone
5. Trouble In The Swamp
6. Whippoorwill's Cry
7. Dark Hollow
8. Kristi Lynn
9. Mountain Woman
10. Pretty Woman
11. Love Has It's Way Of Hurting
12. Nobody Answered Me
13. Today Marks The Day
14. The Bottle
Dr. Swampgrass Gillis LIVE on WDVX
(Tinman Recording)

1. Intro / Trouble In The Swamp
2. John Henry
3. Somebody Loves You Darlin'
4. Oconee
5. Seek Jesus
6. Ashokan Farewell
7. She's More To Be Pittied
8. Don't Go Out Tonight
9. Pretty Little Indian
10. Little Rose
11. Rabbit In A Log
12. Train 45
13. Letter I Never Mailed
14. Rocky Island
15. Going To A City
16. Satisfied Mind
17. Trouble In The Swamp

"By coincidence I was planning on featuring a few older Gillis recordings on
Bluegrass Cafe today, and boy was I surprised to find 'Swampgrass' waiting
for me when I got to the studio.  Without even having a chance to listen, I
went on the air and put on the song Swampgrass right after the opener, and
the phones lit up!  The funniest call was from a local musician who was
hoping I had just discovered a rare deep catalog song that he might take to
his band.  Boy was he surprised to find it was brand new!  I tell you, there is
nothing so refreshing and exciting as some hardcore straight-ahead hard
driving bluegrass served up by Larry Gillis.  Thank you so much for sending.  
This one will get played a lot!"
Jim Beaver, WHUS Bluegrass Cafe, Connecticut

"You advertised a "Hard Driving Bluegrass Band" & that is what I got.  Many bands say
they are hard driving, but something is lost in the translation.  I just loved your project!!  
On a scale of 1 to 10 this project was a 12!!  Your title song "Swampgrass" set the tone
for a very quick 47+ minutes of superb music.  As a Stanley Bros. fan for many years I
was impressed by how much your music sounds like theirs.  Your vocals both lead &
harmony were superb, your original material sounds as if it was written in the 50's &
your instrumental work was exceptional.  Each & every song held something special for
the listener.  After listening to this project 3x in a row my cd playing couldn't take that
much excitement.  I had to give it a break.  While playing your project in the studio my
request lines were constantly ringing.  "This is the real deal with the real feel: Did I tell
you that we loved "Swampgrass"?"
Al Shusterman, KCBL Radio, Backroads Bluegrass, Sacramento, CA
(Tinman Recording)

1. I'm Walking
2. Ringing Of The Hammer
3. Peace Bells
4. Train Ride To Gloryland
5. Angel Wings
6. I'm Never Alone
7. Thinking Of Mother
8. Wake The Town
9. Keeper Of The Door
10. Nobody Came
11. Gospel Medley
12. A Voice From On High
Larry Gillis
(Tinman Recording)

1. Jealous Lover
2. It's Never Too Late
3. Hills Of Home
4. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
5. The Old Home
6. Black Mountain Blues
7. Have You Someone (In Heaven Awaiting)
8. Too Late To Cry
9. The Fields Have Turned Brown
10. My Brother's Bride
11. Let Me Be Your Friend
12. Daybreak In Dixie
This is the long awaited documentary of Larry Gillis
and his life in the Swamps of South Georgia.  This
film tells about life on the road in the past and
present, family & friends, and the more personal
side of the performer that makes this great man
the legend he is.
(Tinman Recording)

1. Swamp Folk
2. Blue Georgia Moon
3. Swamp Leach
4. That Beautiful Picture
5. The Storybook
6. Sad Swamp Man
7. Long Journey Home
8. Look At My Heart
9. Three Sheets In The Wind
10. Rovin On A Winter Night
11. Fiddler's Blues
12. Little Rose
13. I Want To Die Easy
14. Two More Years
15. Crazy Russian
Our DVD "The
Whippoorwill's Cry" was
selected as a Feature Film
for the 2016, 3rd Annual
IMBA Film Festival.  It was
shown during IMBA's World
of Bluegrass Week,
September 27 through
October 1st, in Raleigh, NC.
2014 Traditional Bluegrass CD
of the Year

Rural Roots Music Commission
& the National Traditional
Country Music Association
2015 Traditional Bluegrass CD
of the Year

Rural Roots Music Commission
& the National Traditional
Country Music Association

First artist to win two years in a
(Tinman Recording)

1. Swamp Leach
2. Today Marks The Day
3. My Southern Soldier Boy
4. I'm Walking
5. Kentucky Mandolin
6. I'd Rather Be Alone
7. Somebody Loves You Darlin'
8. Keeper Of The Door
9. Crazy Russian
10. It's Never Too Late
11. Pretty Saro
12. My Lord Had Mercy On Me
13. No More To Be Lonesome
14. Rabbit In A Log
15. Look At My Heart
16. River Run
A compilation cd of Larry's favorite
recordings along with two never
before released songs, Pretty Saro
and River Run.