Larry Gillis and his Hard Driving
Swampgrass Band
performs and records traditional
bluegrass music, including old favorites along with new
material written by Larry himself with the "swamp" style
that has caught on worldwide.  201
4 marks 34 years Larry
has been playing hard core traditional music with hopes
that bluegrass will continue in generations to come.
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2014 SWAMPGRASS FESTIVAL  October 23-25
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Larry Gillis and his Hard Driving
Swampgrass Band Website!

We are looking forward to having you
visit us here on the web or at a upcoming
bluegrass festival near you.

Special thanks to all our fans.
IT'S HERE! The bluegrass documentary
which tells the legend of Larry Gillis, the
world renowned banjo picker. Come on
along as Larry guides us on a journey which
explores the nuances of
"Swampgrass", his
unique style of bluegrass which has its

origins in the Georgia swamps where he
grew up and still resides to this day. Bear
witness as the man, the myth, his pickin'
and the stories surrounding
all of it are
woven together in this unprecedented
movie event. "The Whippoorwill's Cry" is
just like the very subject it portrays: the
genuine article.
Larry Gillis