Larry Gillis and his Hard Driving
Swampgrass Band
performs and records traditional
bluegrass music, including old favorites along with new
material written by Larry himself with the "swamp" style
that has caught on worldwide.  2014 marks 34 years Larry
has been playing hard core traditional music with hopes
that bluegrass will continue in generations to come.
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2014 SWAMPGRASS FESTIVAL  October 23-25
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Larry Gillis and his Hard Driving
Swampgrass Band Website!

We are looking forward to having you
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bluegrass festival near you.

Special thanks to all our fans.
Larry Gillis
We are proud to announce the SUGGINS BROTHERS
will be a part of our line-up at Swampgrass this
   For the past 39 years, a quiet unassuming organization has been very busy 'saving' what
they call America's old-time country.  BLUEGRASS, folk, western, and roots music.  Located
in the heart of the plains 'farm state' of Iowa, it was founded by Smithsonian Institution
recording artist Bob and Sheila Everhart, who make their home in Anita, Iowa.
   Over the years they have managed to build a Performance Arts Center; a Pioneer Music
Museum; a Fiddler's Hall of Fame; and Old-Time Music Hall of Fame; and a huge Ag-Expo
Festival of acoustic old-time music to support it all (dates this year are Aug 25-31 at
Plymouth County Fair grounds in LeMars, Iowa).  Bob Everhart became a 'record-reviewer'
some years ago, now his articles appear in 12 newspapers, and on Country Music News
International which emanates from Germany but beams all over Europe.
   It's interesting to see how the Rural Roots Music Commission works.  According to
Everhart, "It was never intended to make an artist's work fit into a description-label or box,
that's not what we were looking for.  We were looking for sincere efforts of recording and
recreating musical images from the heart.  An honest to goodness recording that reveals
creativity and resourcefulness is what we look for, and we make the descriptive box fit the
artist, not the other way around.  Those artists outside the main-stream top 40 world of music
have some of the best 'real' music available in America, bar-none."
   "One of these artists, Larry Gillis, of Soperton, Georgia, records for Tinman Records.  I
received one of his recordings 'Swampgrass' to review, and was amazed how much he
sounds like the Stanley's, and how very traditional, original, and rural he sounds all at the
same time.  This particular CD, with the title song, first one on the play list, set the pace for
the entire project.  Larry Gillis is a very special banjo player.  Not only is he a super
bluegrass stylist, he is also an old claw hammer style player,  He made is recordings with his
band (also called Swampgrass) and it is a hard-core, hard driving, straight up, traditional
bluegrass sound.  Al Shusterman from KCBL Radio, in Sacramento, California, perhaps said
it best of all . . . "Larry Gillis is the real deal with the real feel."  Exactly how the Rural Roots
Music Commission felt after listening to Larry and his band."

For a full article of this story, contact The Soperton News (912) 529-6624.
Vol. 101 No. 7; June 18, 2014
Thursday only . . .1 hr show!